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English for Doctors
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In our courses, those communication skills required for medical English within doctor/patient interractions are developed. Those who enrol for our courses here will be able to acquire the vocabulary needed for dealing with the queries, examinations and treatment of their own patients, as well as being able to converse in consultations with colleagues using the appropriate clinical terminology belonging to their particular field.

Appropriate language acquisition during doctor/patient dialogue is a matter of vital importance if correct diagnosis is to be made, the patient satisfied, put at ease and able to follow the doctor’s instructions.
English for Dentists
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In our courses of English for Dentists, clinical terminology related to virtually all areas concerned with dentistry are taught in thorough detail via our textbook, which is strongly recommended in respect to the U-Belt examination.

The patient’s queries, getting to know the steps involved in any given treatment, introduction to the most important dental instruments, preparation for x-ray examinations, gum disease, implants, toothache, local anaesthetics, acquaintance with tooth-filling materials, root canal treatment, damage to teeth and tooth extraction all play a role within the topics covered.
English for Pharmacists
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For the purposes of being equipped to undertake any post abroad as a pharmacist, as well as being able to communicate confidently and effectively with foreign patients in their own language at home, language acquisition skills in appropriate ,specialist clinical terminology is absolutely essential. In our courses of Medical English for Pharmacists, you will be able to master the skills needed to be able to communicate effectively and confidently with all queries and advice that may be asked of you.

You will be able to fully assimilate the terms you will need to know for the most frequently-occurring symptoms and ailments that you are most likely to encounter at a pharmacy on an every-day basis, to understand how to prepare a prescription and to be able to advise on the dosage of any given medicine, instructions to be given and any contra-indications regarding these.
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